Preventing Brain Injury in Seniors

The topic of preventing brain injury in seniors is relevant as March is the awareness month for brain injury. The main aims of the Brain Injury Association of America are: Through increasing awareness, reducing the stigma attached to brain injury. Enabling brain-injury survivors and those who look after them to move forward and achieve. There…

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Seniors with Alzheimer’s: Retaining Short-Term and Long-Term Memory

Alzheimer’s is known to be a progressive disease, that affects memory. Seniors with Alzheimer’s suffer from the worry of how the disease will affect them in the future. As a result, many seniors focus actively on how can they go about retaining short-term and long-term memory.   How Alzheimer’s Affects the Memory Amyloid deposits on…

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Does Your Physician Support a Healthy Senior Lifestyle?

a healthy senior lifestyle

Asking a question like “Does your physician support a healthy senior lifestyle?” might seem a little odd. After all, physicians are there for the sole purpose of promoting health! What we are really asking, is whether the physician actively promotes concepts that will make a positive difference. In order to analyze that, we have to…

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Post Stroke Rehab – Tips for Spoken Communication Within the Family

spoken communication within the family

Spoken communication within the family changes when a stroke affects a member of the family. When one person in a family is struggling to communicate, the whole family is affected. Everyone in the family needs tips for spoken communication within the family. The survivor especially, needs tips and support, so that they can find solutions…

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Enjoy the Holidays but Stay Safe and Healthy

The holiday season is about to open with Hanukah, Christmas and the New Year. This is a great time to enjoy the festivities with family and friends. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued safety warnings to watch out for too much snacking, gaining weight, overeating and binge drinking. Tips to…

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The Great American Smokeout can Help you Quit Smoking

Trying to Quit Smoking? Join the Great American Smokeout On Thursday, November 21, 2019 the American Cancer Society will hold the Great American Smokeout event. The main purpose of this 44th annual event is to encourage Americans to quit smoking or to make a plan for quitting moking. Joining thousands of other people all over…

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Seniors age 85 and Older are Going Back to Work

Seniors age 85 and older are going back to the work force. Reasons given are rising health costs and a shrinking income. Also, more and more seniors are filing for bankruptcy because of reduced incomes, a decline in pensions and soaring health costs. As Long as you Have your Health you can Go Back to…

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How to Stay Safe While Exercising Outdoors

Going outdoors for physical exercise offers a lot of advantages like finding more interesting places to see, having more room to exercise and getting fresh air. However, it is important to stay safe while exercising outdoors. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) has a Go4Life site that has some important tips to keep you safe…

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Mediterranean Diet can Prevent Overeating

We hear of so many different kinds of diets to help us lose weight. Now a new study suggests that the Mediterranean diet can prevent overeating. A study found that monkeys on the Mediterranean diet (MED) did not eat all the food that was available to them, even though they could eat as much food…

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