Choosing the Right Physician: Caring, On Top of Current Events & More

In choosing the right physician many seniors look for a host of special qualities. What make a physician right for one person, might not be the deciding factor for the next person.


7 Points in The Search for the Right Physician

Here are 7 points to help a senior focus on which things matter more when choosing the right physician.

Of course, everything is important. But some issues are more important to you than others.


  1. Someone Who Supports a Healthy Senior Lifestyle

The previous article was about finding a physician who supports a healthy senior lifestyle. In it, we discussed points that seniors consider important and would want in a physician.

Some of the other features that ‘Dr. Right’ will have might include some of the following:


  1. Being on Top of Health-Related Current Events

Let’s address how a physician should be on top of health-related events in the news.

When there is news about an epidemic or a pandemic, the physician should be up-to-date with the latest news.

We expect the staff to have discussed the best ways to be protected against that issue. However, we don’t want the physician to panic us. Overreacting does not help anybody.


  1. Guidance, Counsel and Information

It is likely that choosing the right physician means finding someone to guide you witht healh management.

Otherwise, you might want him / her to help you discover more about how to keep yourself healthy. You could do that by attending a course on healthy eating, for example. Does the doctor know where such courses are held? Does he promote health as well as cure illness?

Some people choose a physician who knows about different resources. It’s a skill to know where to refer senior patients to, for specialized or preventative healthcare. This includes embracing conventional as well as alternative medicine ypes. This also includes holistic approaches that take social factors into account.


  1. All the Time in the World or 8 Minutes

How long do we expect the doctor to have for us? If there really is an 8 minutes slot for each patient, does the doctor use it solely for you as the then-sole patient?

Discussions about how many minutes a physician spends with a patient abound.

Senior patients do prefer an unhurried appointment. Nevertheless, it is wise to come prepared to the appointment. Take the time to make a list of your questions. The advantage of doing that is that you will have an easier time remembering all that you wanted to ask.


  1. Someone Who Listens

A physician needs to listen with his ear to hear what was said.

He also needs to listen with his heart to hear what was not said.

A gentle suggestion to a senior on a sensitive issue can only come from a doctor who used his mind, to help his patient.


  1. Availability

Seniors look for a physician who is available by phone or messaging. It is convenient to having a secretary available to take messages out of hours. It lessens the worry of, “What should a senior do if something happens during the weekend or holidays?”


  1. Mutual Respect, Communication and Seeing Eye to Eye

Of course, while we expect the doctor to listen and do his duty to us, we also have to respect him and do our duty to him. You need to choose a physician who you can respect. This gives him or her the authority to help you.

On the other hand, the physician needs to be someone you can communicate with. There needs to be enough trust there, that you feel comfortable to share details of your medical life.

Additionally, you need to be able to hear clearly what the physician says and understand their language or accent.

It also helps to share the same way of looking at life. In that way, needless conflicts can be avoided.


Choosing a Doctor – A Matter of Individuality

Yes, it is true, each senior has like and dislikes. You know what kind of physician you are looking for.

When making that choice, you want to be able to check off as many points as you can on your wish-list.

When choosing the right physician, you have got to choose what is right for you! May he be a good messenger to help you achieve the best health you possibly can!


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