Higher Vitamin D Levels can Improve the Ability to Exercise


Vitamin D the Sunshine Vitamin

A study October 30, 2018 published in the EAPC European Journal of Preventive Cardiology shows that higher levels of Vitamin D are associated with better exercise capacity (cardiorespiratory fitness).

Until now it was known that Vitamin D has positive effects on the heart and bones, but there were conflicting results for how Vitamin D can affect cardiorespiratory function.

The Study

There were 1995 participants in the study of whom 45% were women, 49% were white, 13% suffered from high blood pressure and 4% had diabetes.


The results showed that higher amounts of Vitamin D led to better exercise capacity and there was no difference between the participants whether they were young or old or men or women or had diabetes or high blood pressure or smoked.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Cardiorespiratory fitness is measured by how much oxygen the heart and lungs can supply to muscles during physical exercise, which is known as VO2 max. People who have higher cardiorespiratory fitness have better health and live longer, so if Vitamin D can improve this, then this could also lead to longevity.

Vitamin D the Sunshine Vitamin

At one time it was considered healthy to spend some time in the sun, to get a tan, etc. Of course air pollution has caused changes in the atmosphere, so that today we get more exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun than in the past and this has been linked to an increase in skin cancers.

Vitamin D Linked to Health and is Associated with Prevention of many Diseases

Vitamin D, considered by some researchers to be more of a hormone than a vitamin, has been associated in a positive beneficial way with diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, cognitive function in seniors, muscle strength, osteoarthritis, asthma in children, colds and the flu. It seems like every day a new study comes along with more and more evidence that sufficient levels of Vitamin D are needed for good health. See our blog post from September 20, 2018 about Vitamin D and breast cancer.

The researchers stress that the best way to get Vitamin D is by some exposure to the sun, diet and supplements. However, too much Vitamin D is toxic and can cause nausea, weakness and vomiting, so it is best to have a simple blood test to show how much Vitamin D is in your body rather than popping pills.

If you or your loved one are suffering from any of the above diseases ask your doctor to send you for a simple blood test to see if you have enough Vitamin D.

Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

When there is a need for short or long-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care, make sure to choose a place for your loved one where they can sit outside in the fresh air and get a little bit of sunshine as well. The Royal Suites Healthcare and Rehabilitation is situated in scenic Galloway Township, New Jersey and is surrounded by eight acres of woods and beautiful landscaped gardens.


Perhaps Vitamin D could help people with respiratory diseases like COPD since there was no difference in results between smokers and non-smokers? At any rate, everyone should ask their doctor to send them for a simple blood test to measure their levels of Vitamin D and if there is not enough Vitamin D, then they should supplement with it. Research has shown that seniors often do not have the capacity to get Vitamin D from sunshine and too much sun exposure has been linked to skin cancers like malignant melanoma. Most dermatologists prefer people who need more Vitamin D get it from food or supplements rather than too much sunshine.



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