Preventing Brain Injury in Seniors

The topic of preventing brain injury in seniors is relevant as March is the awareness month for brain injury. The main aims of the Brain Injury Association of America are:

  1. Through increasing awareness, reducing the stigma attached to brain injury.
  2. Enabling brain-injury survivors and those who look after them to move forward and achieve.
  3. There is much support available for those whose lives encompass brain injury. People need to know about the support that exists and how to benefit from it.

To this end, the BIA provides the support organizations that are active, by state, on its site.

Below, you will also find helpful links in connection with brain injury services and COVID-19.


Seniors, Stability and Safety

One of the main causes of brain injury is a blow to the head. With seniors, taking a fall is the most common cause, followed by traffic accidents. The symptoms of brain injury indicate how the brain could be affected by a bang or a sharp fall.

Seniors need to be more careful with their activities in order to protect their body from falling.

Let’s learn about a few tips can will make a person more aware, and perhaps help prevent falls.

When there is stability and safety in the way we move, falls could happen less often. Preventing brain injury in seniors is possible. It required forethought and patience on the part of the senior and their carer.


Stability Tips

  • Exercise in accordance with your doctor’s or physical therapists instructions. There are some special exercises  specifically for improving balance in seniors. Remember, it is never to late to work on one’s posture.
  • Explore options for good shoes, that are supportive and stability inducing. Avoid shoes with a sticky-type of base .
  • Follow a healthy diet that is appropriate for seniors. It should be well-balanced, just like you want to be! Eat from all the food groups, maintaining contact with your dietician or nutritionist for personalized advice. Keeping to a healthy weight can help with stability. When there is no extra weight the body will have an easier time balancing and moving safely.



preventing brain injury in seniors

Taking care when we walk is one way to focus on avoiding falls and preventing brain injury in seniors.

Safety Tips


Remember, something as simple as taking a walk or doing stretches counts as very good exercise.

You can take a friend or grandchild along with you for safety and physical support. Although, if you actually need support regularly, it may be better to use a supportive device. There are the newfangled solutions for those who love creative solutions and the better known devices such as  walkers and rollators.


Here are some useful links for knowledge in connection to brain injury and COVID-19:


Keep safe while you keep active! Use your brain for preventing brain injury in seniors!



Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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