Rehabilitation, Aging Gracefully and Feeling Good about Yourself

Aging gracefully and feeling good about yourself really can go together.


Aging brings with it many challenges. The body, that worked hard all of its life, moving, doing and producing begins to wear out.


You can’t become a senior ‘just like that’. A baby has to teeth, in order to grow into a child. Often an adult develops health problems before they can grow into a senior!


Yes, becoming a senior should be looked at, as being in a very special stage of life.


Many People Feel that Health Challenges Pull Them Down.

How can you practice feeling good about yourself, even when your health is flat on its face?


Firstly, begin by taking care of your physical health.

Secondly, pay attention to your emotional needs.

Thirdly, notice if your social needs are being met.

Fourthly, most powerfully, examine your beliefs about yourself and your world.


Health on the physical level has to come first, otherwise, how will you have the strength to do the other things. Strength…..that brings us to rehabilitation.



Aging Gracefully While in Rehab

Rehabilitation often follows a time of medical emergency.

Now you are at the stage of rehabilitation and being nurtured back to good health.

Now, more than ever, when you are recovering your strength, aging gracefully and feeling good about yourself matters most.


As humans we possess a wide range of emotions. Sometimes we are in control of our emotions. Let’s face it, sometimes our emotions are in control of us.


A person could feel worthless. Even if the thought is fleeting, the worthless feeling remains.


You might begin to ruminate on, “How worthy am I anyway?”


Sometimes a false belief develops, “I am not worthy since, there was a stroke, there is dementia, there is arthritis, mobility is reduced…” and so on.


Can you fight that?



Planting ‘Aging Gracefully Seeds’

How can you plant seeds of aging gracefully while in rehabilitation?


While you are in rehab, you will have therapy and expert nursing care. The rehabilitation setting is designed to help a patient thrive. Healing is the first aim, and respecting the residents and patients is another top aim.

Here are some pointers:


  • Try to get the best out of each session.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the state-of-the-art facility.
  • The staff try to make it pleasant, be open to their warm overtures.
  • Match comfort with comfort. Bring comfort items from home.
  • Tune into the warm atmosphere, and try to radiate your own sunshine too.
  • Some people enjoy the serenity of a rehab center, others are used to a busier lifestyle. Nows’s the time to take a breather.
  • Are there amenities? Find out which can be incorporated into your rehabilitation.



Being away from the regular aspects of life, gives a rehab patient time to think things over.

Life might have just thrown a curve-ball at you. You might have to incorporate permanent changes in to your life.

Now is the time to go through the 4 steps above, and adjust your core beliefs. That will help you to filter your attitude in the light of your current situation.



Feeling Mature? The Years only Improve You

You can compare a senior to wine – the best wines are the mature ones.

Aging gracefully has many aspects. One of these is an admirable character trait seen in many seniors. This is: The willingness to accept life’s setbacks and move on with your plans in the best way possible. This is the idea best encapsulated by the concept of aging gracefully and feeling good about yourself.


aging gracefully and feeling good about yourself

Aging gracefully and feeling good about yourself. The wine glasses remind you to take care of four of your needs: Physical, Emotional, Social and Beliefs.


Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash



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