Snoezelen Therapy at Royal Suites Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Snoezelen is a type of therapy originally founded in Holland for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.










A Snoezelen Room is a therapeutic setting created to specifically deliver high levels of stimuli to patients with various forms of dementia. A private room is set up with an array of special lighting effects, aromas, colors, sounds and textures to stimulate a person’s olfactory and auditory systems.

At Royal Suites Healthcare and Rehabilitation, we boast a robust Snoezelen therapy program for our dementia residents and we are virtually singular in this regard within our area.

One of the key benefits of this modality of therapy is that it is multi dimensional and is designed to ‘reach out’ to all of the human senses, to solicit and elicit an appropriate response.

Alzheimer’s patients tend to be sensory deprived and this therapy is designed to rekindle many of those dormant senses in a very beneficial way.

This type of therapy also helps to ease the fear and anxiety exhibited by the resident, which is sometimes an outgrowth of the disease itself.

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