Preventing Brain Injury in Seniors

The topic of preventing brain injury in seniors is relevant as March is the awareness month for brain injury. The main aims of the Brain Injury Association of America are: Through increasing awareness, reducing the stigma attached to brain injury. Enabling brain-injury survivors and those who look after them to move forward and achieve. There…

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Seniors with Alzheimer’s: Retaining Short-Term and Long-Term Memory

Alzheimer’s is known to be a progressive disease, that affects memory. Seniors with Alzheimer’s suffer from the worry of how the disease will affect them in the future. As a result, many seniors focus actively on how can they go about retaining short-term and long-term memory.   How Alzheimer’s Affects the Memory Amyloid deposits on…

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Does Your Physician Support a Healthy Senior Lifestyle?

a healthy senior lifestyle

Asking a question like “Does your physician support a healthy senior lifestyle?” might seem a little odd. After all, physicians are there for the sole purpose of promoting health! What we are really asking, is whether the physician actively promotes concepts that will make a positive difference. In order to analyze that, we have to…

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Aging Gracefully: National Celebration of Life Week

National Celebration of Life Week

Well, the new year has rolled in. To some of us, it means facing new obligations that we put off dealing with last year. To others the start of a new year is typified by trying to remember to write the correct year when writing a check! And then, there is National Celebration of Life…

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Rehabilitation, Aging Gracefully and Feeling Good about Yourself

aging gracefully and feeling good about yourself

Aging gracefully and feeling good about yourself really can go together.   Aging brings with it many challenges. The body, that worked hard all of its life, moving, doing and producing begins to wear out.   You can’t become a senior ‘just like that’. A baby has to teeth, in order to grow into a…

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