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Compounds in Broccoli may be Beneficial Against Cancer, Osteoarthritis and Schizophrenia

Research has shown that compounds found in the super food broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are associated with lower risks for developing cancer, preventing cartilage destruction in osteoarthritis and treating schizophrenia. While research showed an association with broccoli and a lower risk for cancer, no one had known for certain how broccoli protects against cancer.…

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Breakthrough for Treating Cancer Shows 70% Success in Destroying Solid Tumors

A new Israeli startup called AlphaTAU (Alpha Tel Aviv University) for using alpha radiation against cancerous tumors shows 70% success for destroying solid cancerous tumors. This new technology called Diffusing Alpha-Emitters Radiation Therapy (Alpha DaRT) was patented in 2003 by Prof. Yona Keisari and Prof. Yitzchak Kelson together with Tel Aviv University. Prof. Kelson was…

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The Mediterranean Diet Slows Aging

Countries around the Mediterranean had Lower Levels Heart Disease, Stroke and Dementia In 1958 it was noted that people living around the Mediterranean in countries like Greece and Italy had lower rates of heart disease, stroke and dementia than other countries. Researchers began investigating what was different in their lifestyles. They came up with their…

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