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Preventing Brain Injury in Seniors

The topic of preventing brain injury in seniors is relevant as March is the awareness month for brain injury. The main aims of the Brain Injury Association of America are: Through increasing awareness, reducing the stigma attached to brain injury. Enabling brain-injury survivors and those who look after them to move forward and achieve. There…

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Seniors with Alzheimer’s: Retaining Short-Term and Long-Term Memory

Alzheimer’s is known to be a progressive disease, that affects memory. Seniors with Alzheimer’s suffer from the worry of how the disease will affect them in the future. As a result, many seniors focus actively on how can they go about retaining short-term and long-term memory.   How Alzheimer’s Affects the Memory Amyloid deposits on…

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Does Your Physician Support a Healthy Senior Lifestyle?

a healthy senior lifestyle

Asking a question like “Does your physician support a healthy senior lifestyle?” might seem a little odd. After all, physicians are there for the sole purpose of promoting health! What we are really asking, is whether the physician actively promotes concepts that will make a positive difference. In order to analyze that, we have to…

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Promoting Healthy Weight for Seniors with Recreational Activities

promoting healthy weight for seniors with moral support

It’s never too late to enjoy life a little! Being that this week is National Healthy Weight Week, let’s join up the topic of healthy weight with having fun. Promoting healthy weight for seniors is not a matter to be taken lightly.   Weight as a Predictor of Health in Seniors Many studies have been…

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Preventing Diabetes in Seniors who Have Prediabetes

March is National Nutrition month and this year’s theme is Go Further with Food. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is also reaching out to seniors and has posted several articles based on studies that are especially relevant for healthy nutrition for seniors to prevent disease. Combating chronic diseases shows how seniors can take steps…

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Promoting Good Nutrition Should Be A Priority for Clinicians

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining good health and helping to prevent chronic disease. And yet when people visit the doctor, they’re unlikely to receive this kind of counseling as part of their medical care.       Nutrition: Challenges in Addressing Nutrition in Clinical Settings Why isn’t nutrition more frequently addressed in clinical…

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Snack Nutritious And Healthy When You’re On The Go

It’s impossible to eat a balanced and nutritious meal when we’re on the go. At best, we grab a snack to keep us going. But the problem is that most often, the snack is high on calories, low on nutrition, and just bad for our health. Here are several ideas for a healthy snack when…

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10 Great Ways To Cut Sugar Out Of Your Diet

Sugar content in our processed foods is very high. Indeed, it’s added to practically everything found on our grocery store shelves. Furthermore, sugar can be found in foods that don’t even taste sweet, like breads, condiments, and sauces.  A high-sugar diet boosts your odds of tooth decay, heart disease, and diabetes, and also weight gain.  Here are some tips…

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Your Fries Can Be Deadly

Fries love the American people. In fact, Thomas Jefferson first served it in 1802 in the White House.   Fries Facts An eight year by the American Council of Clinical Nutrition shows that it contains high levels of fat and salt. The dietary habits of 4,400 people ages 45 to 79, analyzed the frequency participants…

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