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Human Bones Grown in the Lab Outside of a Person’s Body

Bones are being grown in a lab by a unique technological process called BonoFill that was developed in the Bonus BioGroup in Haifa, Israel. This amazing technology, which allows bones to grow outside the human body from a patient’s own live bone tissue, was reported in an article in the Jerusalem Post, July 25, 2019.…

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Rehabilitation for a Hip Fracture

Hip Fractures can Lead to Permanent Disability and Early Death One of the most devastating outcomes for seniors after an unintentional fall is to suffer a hip fracture. Hip fractures are particularly deadly, as many seniors will have complications that can lead to a permanent disability or early death. The first year after a hip…

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Vitamin D Health Benefits for Seniors

Protects against Colds and Flu Most seniors today may remember how when they were little kids their mothers fed them a spoonful of cod liver oil every day in the winter to protect them from colds and flu. Cod liver oil is a rich source of Vitamin D and scientific studies show that indeed Vitamin…

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