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Palliative Care alongside Curative Treatment

Palliative care is extra care that is given alongside curative treatment for very serious illnesses. Palliative care is given for as long as possible no matter what the prognosis is. Palliative care can be given at any stage of a serious disease. In fact, palliative care can be started as soon as there is a…

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Long-term Care and Skilled Nursing

National Skilled Nursing Care Week 2019 Next week from May 12-18, 2019 Royal Suites Healthcare and Rehabilitation will be participating in the National Skilled Nursing care Week (NSNCW). The NSNCW 2019 theme, “Live Soulfully,” will celebrate skilled nursing facilities, their residents and staff and will showcase how they gain happy minds and healthy souls. Established…

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Possible Breakthroughs for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Rare Motor Neuron Disease Destroys Muscles Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known as amyloid lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a rare motor neuron disease that attacks all the voluntary muscles in the body, so that eventually the person cannot chew, walk, talk, move or breathe. The disease got its name from Lou Gehrig, the famous baseball player…

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