Tips for Seniors: Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Seniors need a better night’s sleep just as a vast majority of the population do!

Many of us need to improve our habits and routines, as they affect sleep.


Some of the Problems We Face in Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Some people lose sleep due to poor organizational skills. When they should be sleeping, they feel like reading or chatting on the phone.

Others don’t get into bed because they are mildly obsessive about their projects. When they should be turning in, they just have finish what they were doing.

Yet other people suffer from eating disorders. They may be ready to glide into a slumberous state, but their stomach and digestive system are not.

One more, some people who schedule an activity right before bed time are involved and excited. They take their time to wind down, and bedtime is delayed.

And let’s give a round of applause to the good souls who go to bed at a sensible hour, but wake up. It could be for the bathroom, from a dream or due to physical issues such as pain. Their sleep is broken and the next day they are tired.



a better night’s sleep


Solutions for Seniors….

Here are some general solutions that could help seniors get a better night’s sleep. Draw up the blanket as you read:


Eating Earlier and More Wisely

Many seniors prefer eating much earlier than they did in previous life-stages. One thing that seniors need to keep an eye on, is not skipping meals. The body can’t rest well if a person did not eat sufficiently. Some seniors prefer to eat a light meal in the evening. The wisdom of senior eating includes eating smaller meals that are packed with nutrients!


Find Joy in Your Day

Go to sleep with three deep breaths and beautiful images from your day. Build plans for a beautiful tomorrow. You could actually try real breathing exercises.


Exercise Earlier in The Day.

From 6 hours before you aim to turn in for the night, don’t exert yourself, when possible.


Noting Habits

If you are analytically inclined, keep a notebook recording how many hours you sleep in each 24-hour cycle. You will notice if you are giving in to daytime sleeping.  If your doctor recommends keeping notes of sleeping or eating habits, you’ll understand why. You can buy ready made journals online or use a pen and paper.


Sleep Hygiene and Blue Light

Sleep hygiene refers to planning for a good night’s sleep. Included in this is avoiding blue light from mobile phones and devices shortly before sleep. In addition, dim the lighting in the home. Drawing the curtains and putting out lights will help tell your body that sleep time is approaching.


The Right Bed

Sleep in a health-promoting bed. Use a firm mattress, a supportive pillow and a blanket that you enjoy the feel of.


In the Middle of The Night

If you wake up in the middle of the night, it is tempting to get involved in using a device such as watching a movie. But that can hinder your abilities to go back to sleep. If you read, choose something calming or instructive.


Overcoming Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Some people find CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) helpful for overcoming sleeplessness and insomnia. A certified instructor/therapist can host you’re a few sessions to overcome sleep issues from the root.


Fear and Trauma

Fear may disturb a senior’s sleep. People of all ages may have: fear of the dark, fear of failure, fear of failing to sleep fear of the future. Very often traditional therapy helps. If a person makes an effort to fix something, there will always be a concrete result. The solution is not necessarily a quick one. So, be wary of wonder-drugs or treatments.


Stress and Perfectionism

Some things are beyond our control. Stressing out about these things disturb the sleep of many adults. Some people turn to prescription drugs to treat these issues. However, sometimes, short-term improvements leave a long-term price to be paid.



Combat loneliness with social groups and events. Meet real people, not just virtual ones. Make real friends. The give and take, will leave you feeling connected and supported. It is amazing, how filling this emotional need, can give a person a better night’s sleep.



We have presented a lot of information here. There is surely something to help anyone get a better night’s sleep.

Seniors who focus on getting a better night’s sleep, will find success and improved sleep. Isn’t it true that what you put in, is what you get out?

Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

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