Type 2 Diabetes and Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease can be reversed by Losing Weight


Amazing study by researchers at Newcastle University published August 2, 2018 in Cell Metabolism shows that type 2 diabetes can be sent into remission and insulin levels can be reversed to normal by losing weight.  Now doctors have some real evidence to help them persuade overweight diabetic patients to lose weight.

Losing Weight Reduced Fat in the Liver and Pancreas

The study showed that losing weight reduced fat in the liver and pancreas and led to better function of the beta cells in the pancreas. The beta cells are involved in the storing and releasing of insulin, the hormone that controls sugar levels in the blood. In fact, the researchers note that it is the recovery of the beta cells that leads to normal glucose levels in the blood.

Not all Participants in the Study Went into Remission

The 29 participants in the study who became diabetes-free had only been diabetic for a short time, whereas the 16 participants who had been diabetics for a longer time did not get diabetes-free by losing weight. As a result, the researchers suggest that anyone who is newly diagnosed with diabetes should immediately strive to lose weight.

The More Weight was Lost the Greater was the Improvement

An earlier study published December, 2017 in the Lancet journal showed that 46% of 149 participants with type 2 diabetes became diabetes-free after losing weight and the more weight they lost resulted in greater improvement

Weight Loss also Led to Reduction of Liver Fat

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects about 30% of the population in the United States. Most people have no idea they have it, as there are often no real symptoms. To date no one has found a way to rid the liver of a buildup in fat. However, this study shows that losing weight and liver fat can reverse NAFLD.

Risk Factors for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Diabetes is a risk factor for NAFLD so anyone who is a diabetic should speak to their doctor about whether or not to have an upper abdominal ultra sound scan, which will show if the liver is fatty or not. Also, a blood test to measure the amount of a liver enzyme called alkaline phosphate can show if the liver is fatty.

Obesity and excess weight are also risk factors for NAFLD and this study showed that losing weight also reduced fat in the liver.

High blood pressure is also a risk factor for developing NAFLD.

High cholesterol is associated with NAFLD, but since cholesterol is made in the liver it is possible that something goes wrong in the liver or the body to prompt the liver to make too much cholesterol and this leads to NAFLD.

Cirrhosis of the liver can lead to NAFLD, but this is more highly associated with consuming alcohol, although it is also found in people who do not drink alcohol.

Losing Weight Appears to be the only Way to Reverse NAFLD

There are no pharmacological drugs that have been found to cure NAFLD, but doctors usually recommend lifestyle changes like losing weight, getting enough physical exercise and following a diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. The study shows that losing weight is effective in losing fat in the liver.

Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care

If your loved one is in need of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care, choose a rehab and care facility that offers diabetes monitoring and care and puts emphasis on good nutrition, physical exercise and recreational activities like the Royal Suites Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Galloway Township, New Jersey.


People who are not able to get their diabetes under control and their blood sugar levels normal run the risk of heart disease, obesity, liver disease, strokes, osteoporosis, dementia, vision loss and amputations. This research shows that weight loss can reverse diabetes, especially in people who have not had diabetes for a long time.

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